How To Calculate And Compare Costs In Internet Marketing – Outsourcing Vs Full Time Inhouse team

If you are a business owner who wants to start using internet marketing for promoting your business online, you can take one of two routes (or even a hybrid model where you combine the two).

You can either focus on outsourcing your SEO and other internet marketing activities or decide to build your own full time inhouse team to carry out your campaigns. As mentioned earlier, you can also have a hybrid model where you combine the two.

What are the costs when trying to do online marketing using an inhouse team?

9 Internet Marketing Costs When Using Inhouse Team

What are the costs when trying to do online marketing using outsourcing?

9 Internet Marketing Costs When Outsourcing

You can use the below table to compare the costs between outsourcing and using an inhouse team to decide which is best for your business (in terms of cost).

So, let’s compare the costs of getting your online marketing done in-house Vs outsource to another vendor Vs outsourced to us (business name).

Costs – Inhouse Costs – Outsourced Costs – (our business name)
Initial setup:
Initial hiring
Extra costs
Extra costs:
Project cost:
SEO campaign
Content Marketing Campaign
Link building campaign

If you want to know how to work out the costs for some of the entries in the table, you can go through some of the other posts which have explained the costs of both outsourcing online marketing and do it inhouse.

Savings:   As you can see, the savings is huge. This gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. It frees up your resources to invest in other campaigns or other functions of your business and lowers your risk since your ROI would be higher.   However, lower cost does not mean lower quality.

Be sure to know what your requirements are and match the vendor or freelancers offerings to your requirements.


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