Cost Of SEO Hourly Consulting – Thinking About Outsourcing Online Marketing?

For most firms, doing internet marketing inhouse using a full time team is not the best choice. Outsourcing internet marketing would be a better option.

However, not matter which path you choose, hourly SEO consulting is something that would be useful to you as a business owner.

You can use hourly consulting to test out an online marketing firm before you give them your project or just use them on a regularly on an hourly basis as and when needed for your business.

You can also use specialized hourly consulting to complement your inhouse team in certain cases where the consultant might have expertise and knowhow that your team does not possess.

So, if what exactly is the hourly consulting fee for SEO?

The cost of SEO hourly consulting can vary a lot depending on who you pick. There are several factors that come into play, like, level of experience, the expertise, profile of the consultant, previous projects, track record, celebrity status, specialization, demand, the firm size (Are they independent freelancers or a firm? , Is it a small firm or large firm?).

Charging by the hour is one of the most common ways to price services because it is one of the simplest. It gives you an easy way to compare prices between vendors. However, many of them don’t charge by the hour by but the project.


As mentioned earlier, the rates vary a lot between different vendors :

Lowest entry level vendors $40-50/hr
Mid tier vendors $100-200/hr
High demand or high end firms $300-500/hr
The top firms / Celebrity firms $1000/hr


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