Cost Of Internet Marketing Project – Inhouse Employees

When you are working on a project in-house, let’s just say, that you want to rank a new website for a certain set of keywords (moderately difficult).

You would need 2 content creators, 3 people for SEO, 1 web designer / programmer. One of the SEO guys would act as the project manager. This might be the minimum a medium sized business would need to rank for a competitive keyword in fairly reasonable time.

The project would have to be tested for something like 3 months (using a strategy and a certain set of techniques) before you can be sure about the results.


At employee costs that we had discussed earlier, these are the costs:

Profession / Title: Cost (for 3 months – duration of a project):
Content creator 1
Content creator 2
SEO (head) / team leader
SEO analyst and executive
SEO executive and link builder
Web designer / programmer

Total Costs: (Just add all the costs)

This is the cost of a failed project when you are doing it in-house considering just the cost of employees and nothing else.

Why not let someone who has got the experienced team with the right skills for the project handle it.


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