Cost Of Hiring For Internet Marketing Using An HR (Recruitment) Agency:

Permanent employees:

15-20% of their year’s salary with a 6-12 month period if the candidate leaves.

There are a few agencies that will tell you they will not take business under 25%, but you will not have a problem getting other good agencies to sign up for 15%-20%.


If the freelancer is on the staffing agency’s payroll, you’ll pay up to 50% markup on the base rate (e.g. $100/hr paid to consultant, you’ll be charge $150/hr).

Your fully burdened rate (your cost with taxes and overhead) might be about 17%-25% depending of the benefits you offer.

Recruitment agencies to recruit staff for your business charge fees ranging from 15% to 30% of the salary package.

Agency fees of 15% to 30% of the new hire’s base salary would have a heavy financial impact when you’re adding several of them.

It is much smarter to just rent someone else’s well optimized resources that has been tested and proven for over hundreds of campaigns.

We at (business name) have already built an experienced team of professionals who have specialized expertise in different functions required in an online marketing campaign. They have already been trained in not just their specialized roles but also project management and workflow management.

You can save yourself the huge cost of putting together well optimized resources and just get started on your marketing campaigns today.


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