9 Internet Marketing Costs When Using Inhouse Team:

Ever wondered how to calculate the cost of internet marketing if you are building and using your own inhouse team to execute your marketing campaigns?

After all internet marketing costs is one of the primary concerns of most businesses wanting to promote their business online. Some businesses decide to build their own inhouse team to carry out their online marketing activities instead of outsourcing.

It is not easy, quick or cheap to build your own full time team. Most business owners just assume that having your own full time team would always lower internet marketing costs.

However, this is just not true as the costs, time and complexities involved can multiply and cause more problems than they solve. There are plenty of costs to consider when you are building your own inhouse internet marketing team.

Let’s just see some of them here:

  • Cost of recruitment and HR
  • Cost of management
  • Legal expenses
  • Salaries for the employees
  • Cost of Insurance and healthcare benefits
  • Cost of infrastructure and equipment
  • Cost of learning or training – Both initial and ongoing
  • Cost of mistakes and experimentation
  • Cost of the tools and resources (This includes software and training material)
  • And more


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