8 Disadvantages Of Outsourcing Internet Marketing To A Small Firm:


  • You don’t know who you are dealing with. There is very little you can find out about the firm or the people working there and you can never be sure how the working relationship is going to turn out.
  • Lack of experience is a huge problem with smaller firms. They have not dealt in as many projects as bigger firms. Even with the projects that they have dealt with as just not in the same size or complexity as the bigger firms.
  • Smaller firms might lack the expertise that is needed for implementing your projects. They may not be well staffed and have a shortage of talent which would lead to problems in the execution. Certain key skills might
  • They have a very small team for executing their projects.
  • Lack of professionalism is another issue that a few people have had to face when dealing with smaller firms. The lack of industry experience or lack of proper structure of management and processes might be the cause of this problem.
  • Smaller firms don’t deliver on what they promised. There is a tendency for smaller firms to overpromise results in their eagerness to bag projects and fall short when delivering results.
  • Smaller firms which are new don’t have much of a track record and therefore going with them might be riskier.
  • Smaller firms that have just a few people working might not be that stable and this would inturn hurt your chances of working with them long term.