7 Online Marketing Management Functions (Inhouse):

If you are a business owner that has decide to build your own full time internet marketing team inhouse instead of outsourcing your online marketing activities, then there are a few things that you need to understand.

It is probably going to cost you more than you thought.

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One of the many reasons for higher costs as mentioned in one of the other posts is, increase management costs when you are building an inhouse team.

Let’s get a little more specific and list the internet marketing management costs so that you as a business owner would know what to expect and can prepare for it.

Here are just some of the management functions that would be required if you are building an inhouse team for online marketing:

  • The initial recruitment and HR
  • The initial learning or training
  • The initial setting up of the processes
  • The ongoing management of people
  • The ongoing management of the processes and tools
  • The ongoing management of the campaigns
  • The ongoing learning and training
  • And much more…


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