24 Google Adwords Updates:

The online marketing industry changes pretty rapidly and unless you can keep up to the changes, you should outsource it to someone who can.

How Internet Marketing Changes And How It Makes Things Difficult For You


These are just a few of the changes that are specific to Adwords in 2009:

  • New Features in Google Maps Ads
  • Updated Display URL Policy
  • Expandable Rich Media Ads on the Content Network (beta)
  • Interest Based User Targeting on the Content Network (beta)
  • Hal Varian’s AdWords Auction Video
  • Google Loosens Their Trademark Restrictions
  • Import Google Analytics Goals into AdWords
  • Local Extensions for Local Business Ads
  • New AdWords Interface
  • Bid Simulator Launch
  • Google Moves Paid Ads Closer to Organic Listings
  • The DoubleClick Ad Exchange is integrated on the Content Network
  • View through Conversion on the Content Network
  • Google Increases Advertiser Bans
  • New AdWords Comparison Ads
  • Ad Sitelinks in AdWords
  • Product Extensions Open to All
  • Updates to content policies
  • Link policies
  • Quality score policies
  • Landing pages policies
  • Keyword pricing
If you want to see a list of changes that were made by Google for their search algorithm and affected SEO, then read this:


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