11 Online Marketing Management Functions When Outsourcing:

If you are going to outsource, then the management bandwidth is going to be much lower. Possibly, you would need one or two managers taking care of the interactions with the vendor.

Even when you outsource the online marketing operations to an outside firm, you will still have management issues when dealing with most firms. Here are some of the problems, you would face:

  • Projects don’t get done on schedule
  • Project management on the vendor’s side is weak
  • Account management is weak or non-existent on vendor’s side
  • Scheduling is not done well and projects are delayed
  • Resources are not managed well and there are cost overruns
  • Regular reporting of progress is not done
  • Results are not tracked
  • Vendors don’t deliver on results
  • Vendor keeps changing the plan and direction
  • Communication between you and the vendor is poor
  • Vendor does not offer a certain service(s) which means you would have to get other vendors for that and that would increase your management costs
  • And more

All of the above results in you increasing management and that, results in added costs (time, money and effort). It also adds unnecessary complexity and stress.

For every manager that you add to your business, you have to shell out close to $80-100k per year. This includes salary, benefits and other costs mentioned earlier.


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