11 Internet Marketing Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making:

When you are starting to do this from scratch yourself, you will inevitably make a lot of the many common internet marketing mistakes that could easily be avoided. This will result in a huge amount of wasted time and money.

It would be useful to know the most commonly made mistakes so that you can be prepared and avoid making them. Given below is a short list mentioning the places where you could go wrong in your business when doing online marketing:

  • Miss-hire
  • Attrition
  • Wrong process
  • Wrong strategy
  • Wrong methods or tactics
  • Wrong tools
  • Wrong management
  • Wrong direction
  • Wrong goals
  • Wrong communications
  • No learning or lost learning


Let’s just go deeper and take a closer look at few of these mistakes.

A mis-hire could cost a business a lot more than you think. If you want to know more about how much a mis-hire is going to cost your business read this:

Cost Of A MisHire – Internet Marketing Costs

Even attrition can make things difficult for a business. These costs are almost never taken into account by most business owners at the outset:

Cost Of Attrition In Internet Marketing

You can’t neglect training or learning costs for your employees if you are building your own team. This is to be considered an investment and not an expense. However, it is important that you know the costs upfront:

5 Training Costs In Internet Marketing

Management costs are something that every growing business has to deal with and it is something that most business owners don’t take into account when calculating costs. Here are a few management functions that you need to consider:

7 Online Marketing Management Functions (Inhouse)

What exactly are the costs of  a failed marketing campaign or project? Are mistakes more expensive when doing internet marketing inhouse or when outsourced?

Online Marketing Mistakes Get Expensive When Done Inhouse

If you want to calculate the cost of an online marketing project done inhouse, use this table given in this article:

Cost Of Internet Marketing Project – Inhouse Employees


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