10 Internet Marketing Spending Statistics That Show How Competitive Online Marketing Is:

Internet marketing spending has steadily been increasing each year which shows how online marketing has been rapidly growing and being used by several businesses for promoting their business online.


Here are statistics on digital marketing spending in 2010:

  • Some $154.4 billion was spent on direct and digital advertising in 2010, up 2.7% over 2009 levels.
  • Of that amount, digital spending accounted for $27.7 billion, driven by search and targeted display advertising:
  • Search spending accounted for 56.3% of digital spending in 2010, reaching $15.6 billion, up 6.4% from 2009 levels.
  • Display accounted for 33.6% of digital in 2010, reaching $9.3 billion, up 10.7%.
  • Email marketing accounted for 5.1% of digital, reaching $1.4 billion, up 8.6%.
  • Mobile accounted for 3.2% of digital, reaching $0.9 billion in spending, up 30.8%.
  • Social apps and widgets, and listening platforms, together accounted for 1.4% of digital spending, reaching $0.4 billion, up 5.4%.
  • Lead generation spending accounted for 0.7% of digital, reaching $0.2 billion, up 5.5%.
  •  US direct and digital advertising expenditures are forecast to reach $163.9 billion in 2011, up 6.2% from 2010 levels, according to a report from the Winterberry Group.
  • Of that total, digital spending is expected to reach $31.6 billion, up 14.0% from the previous year.


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