10 Disadvantages Of Outsourcing Internet Marketing To Bigger Firms:


  • They tend to charge very hefty prices for the services they offer.
  • Some of them might not deliver as promised since your expectations would be wrong from the beginning of the project. This is because of the exaggerated claims and false promises made by their mass marketing/advertising and aggressive sales force.
  • They don’t give attention to details in the project.
  • You are just one of their many accounts and therefore your project may not get the attention it needs since chances are, you are small when compared with their other accounts.
  • Even though they might have the best people (expertise and experience), they might not be the ones working on your project. It could be inexperienced new hires and you would never know.
  • Many people who have used large firms complain that they don’t get value for their money since they always end up paying too much for too little.
  • The bureaucracy within the large firms can get crippling for any project. It leads to needless delays and cost overruns.
  • There are also several cases of problems with communication that adversely affect the project. The bureaucracy can lead to delays in communication, lack of clarity and lack of ownership and personalizing of communications.
  • Lack of personal approach when it comes to handling projects and clients. Since the large firms have too many clients and projects, they would have to take on a broad, standardized and mass approach to any project. (In the ideas, execution, project management, communications and reacting to changes in the market when implementing any strategy.)
  • Lack of continuation of the project when someone leaves the firm or your project or a particular position. The accountability is just not as you would want it to be.